Garage Progress: Workbench and Slatwall

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I shared on my Instagram post yesterday that my new strategy with home projects is to work on at least something every day, even if it is really minor so that I’m further along than the day before. So often I get caught up with life or work and the next thing I know a couple of months have gone by, and I’ve completely lost momentum.

This was the case with my garage, which was initially supposed to be done this spring. But, I’m focusing on what I have gotten done, and with my new game plan of working on something every day I’ve been able to get my work bench and slatwall finished up this week!


The workbench is a modification of plans Ana White put together for the Ryobi Dream Workshop. I made the workbench depth 18 inches instead of 24 inches and the width 7 feet instead of 8 feet like in the plan since I don’t have a ton of space available in the garage.

It was a simple build. I started by screwing 2x4s into the studs in the wall where I wanted my shelves to be.


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Next, I attached cleats to these boards using pocket holes created with one of my favorite tools ever, the Kreg Jig K5.


Then I attached boards to the front of the cleats and vertical boards to go across on both ends. This made it sturdy, and I also made sure I kept things level along the way, which I was proud of. Some of my projects in the past have been, uhh, not so level.


I worked on the slatwall while I worked on the workbench. I did a lot of research on wall storage systems within the garage and ultimately decided to go with the Proslat slatwall. It’s sturdy and looks clean, and I am pleased with it so far.

They have a few different color options, but I stuck with a classic and went with the white 32 square feet option.

The first thing I did was lay out all the slats on the floor.


Then I attached the bottom and side brackets to the wall exactly where I wanted them an was ready to attach the first slat.


Each slat is drilled into each stud, which is what makes it so sturdy. I used a jigsaw to cut out space around my outlet.


I cut 1/2 inch plywood to size and placed them over the cleats and attached with my brad nailer, and then purchased the Proslat hook kit  to arrange my tools.

DesignatedSpaceDesign_GarageFinished I am so excited about it so far! My garage is starting to look much more like a workshop, much less like a hoarder’s den.

I was even able to break out my drill press, which has been in the box since I got it as a gift almost two years ago because I didn’t have anywhere to set it up.


I organized my tools on the slatwall in a way they’d be easy to grab based on how much I use them. I have some more substantial tools hanging up, but I feel confident they will remain in place. The hooks designed for heavier items secure into the slats pretty well.



I still have quite a bit of work to do on the garage, but I’m thrilled to have this done! My tools look good and are an arm’s reach away, plus I have a sturdy and level work surface.

Here are some other projects I’ve finished for the garage:

DIY Miter Saw Bench

Insulation and Drywall (which I still need to tape, mud and paint)

My garage design plans

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