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The first part of my home I will be updating is… my entryway! It seemed a logical starting point and is currently a blank canvas.

It is a wide hallway that is partially open to the second floor. I think there is a lot of potential for what the space could be. This will be my project for July, August and September but I’ve decided to get started on the planning and setting up my budget now.

My current entryway:








How do I want the space to feel?

  • I want it to feel welcoming. Not only for guests, but for us. While we don’t typically use this as our main entrance since we come in from the garage to the kitchen, it is a very high traffic area we walk through many times a day because it leads to the stairs.
  • I prefer spaces that are light and open, but also cozy. I would like to add some personalized art and photos to the walls that are currently very stark.

What do I want the space to accomplish?

  • I’d like the space to serve as a drop off zone for items we use daily. I want a specific location for my son’s backpack, for my purse and for my work bag.
  • I’d like hooks for hanging coats. Even though the entry has a coat closet, I’ve found that we don’t take the time to put them in the closet during seasons we wear them daily. This would also be a convenient place for our guest’s coats.
  • I’d like a place to put mail that needs to go out and also mail I’ve received that I need to sort through.
  • Since I don’t have a fireplace, I’d also like a console table to serve as a sort of mantle that can be decorated and personalized.
  • I’d like seating for people to take their shoes on and off.

What would I like to avoid?

  • While I want this space to be a drop off zone, I really want to avoid accumulating any clutter. Right now there’s no place to put anything so clutter has not been an issue. I want to make sure that does not change when I add furniture.
  • I don’t want the space to appear as a standard ‘mudroom’. Even though I love mudrooms, I prefer homes where they are off the garage and not at the main entrance. I think a mudroom look would be a little too casual.

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