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I can now put a big check mark next to something on the garage to-do list! I finished building my miter saw bench this weekend. If you don’t do too much woodworking, this project may seem kind of boring. But since I use my miter saw on nearly every project I do, it is a […]

I’m so excited to have my dining room finished up! My goal was to take the space from bland and sparse to cozy and classic on a budget. I think that was accomplished. Here’s what the room looked like before: Although I did not end up finishing in the six-week time frame due to a […]

Oh the sideboard, what a journey it has been. I started working on it last November, thinking I would have it done in about a month or so. I was just a tad off on my timeline, but this is the biggest project I’ve taken on yet. I’m happy to say it is now finished! […]

diy rustic sideboard

Several years ago after purchasing my home I would browse the internet for ideas, and adding wainscoting was one of the first DIY projects I really wanted to do. Fast forward a few short years later and I was finally ready to make things happen. (I’ve been completing home projects at a snail’s pace from […]

Well, I’m a little behind schedule on the entryway projects, but I’m happy to say I have a project ready to share: my new bench! Isn’t she lovely? I used another Shanty 2 Chic tutorial for this project, just like I did with my sister’s bookshelf. I was going for a very Restoration Hardware look […]

For me, one of the hardest parts about building things is deciding on a finish… so many options! Paint or stain? Dark or light? So it should come as no surprise that I’m really hung up on trying to figure out what rug to put in the entryway! I thought I had it decided, but every time I go to actually order it, I pause.

I recently built a bookshelf for my sister, Megan. She was moving into a new apartment and wasn’t going to have built-in shelves like her previous apartment, so she was in need of a bookshelf. I was eager to work on a new project, so I offered to build one.

I accomplished my first task of updating the entryway this past weekend! I painted all my downstairs doors a very dark gray.

When taking on each space of my home, I decided it made sense to come up with a budget and list of my estimated projects. Here’s my estimated budget for my entryway: DIY These are pieces I want to add to the entry that I plan to build or DIY myself. Coat rack $40 Bench […]

When it comes to my entryway, I’ve been Pinterest-ing up ideas for a while now so overall I have a pretty good grasp of what I’d like. Some of my favorites include: There’s a lot I like about this blogger’s entryway. I love the trim work, and I’ve always wanted to incorporate that into my entry. […]

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