Allow me to introduce you to… my new home!

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This past fall, I moved into a new home. It wasn’t something I had necessarily planned, but sometimes life presents you with new opportunities. While moving itself was the worst (isn’t it always?!) I’m really happy to be settled in the new location.

Some things are similar to my previous home. I’m still in an Indiana suburb, in a builder grade home with a lot of planned diy projects on the horizon. Some things are a little different. The town I’m in now is much smaller than where I previously lived, has a cute downtown area, and a nice sized lake which is a definite perk.

It was fun this past summer to watch the house come together and stop by to see it, all while not so patiently waiting to be able to move in.

After moving in, it felt like starting with a blank slate again to make this house feel like home, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. I didn’t get to make any of the decisions on the finishes of the home while it was being built because they were already determined. Many of the finishes I either like or are easily fixable, like paint colors. The gray-washed wood vinyl plank tiles not the floors throughout the home, not so much. But I’m making them work for now 🙂

Here are some of the first projects I’m planning:

  • Turning the front room into my home office
  • Creating a welcoming front porch
  • Turning my very basic powder bath into something unique
  • Creating a drop zone where you come into the house from the garage

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve gotten started on some of this, including the office. Here’s a before photo of the starting point for the office, which started as a completely blank slate.

A little over a month ago, I made a goal to work on the house for at least an hour a day. Some days I achieve that goal and some days I don’t, but it has helped me to get moving on some of my projects.

So, I hope you follow along as I turn this new house into my home. I’m excited for the challenge!

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