One Room Challenge Week 3: Half Bath Shelf

October 18, 2018

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The biggest remaining project for my half bath is my sink. I plan on designing and creating a base and then installing a sink top and faucet. While I worked on the design of that, I decided to take on a more simple project this week and build a simple shelf over the toilet in the back of the room.

I wanted a floating shelf with a few decor items that would add a little something above the toilet, to balance out the sink, mirror, and light fixture directly across from it. I found this tutorial from the blog The Sweetest Digs for faux floating shelves and thought it was perfect. I pretty much followed it exactly.

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I used a 2×6 board (I happened to have a scrap piece left over from my dining table) for my shelf and cut it to 30 inches with my miter saw. The width of the shelf is a personal preference, but the bathroom is about three feet wide, and I wanted a little bit of space on each side.

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Next, I spray painted two brackets with matte black spray paint. I just found two corner braces from Lowes that I thought would work for this.

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I sanded and then stained the wood for my shelf. For finishing, I used a coat of Minwax Early American, then sanded it a little and put a layer of Minwax Classic Gray.

I typically go a little darker with the wood stain but am working on incorporating some lighter and medium wood tones into my home. After the stain was dry, I attached the two brackets to my shelf.

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Then, I screwed it into the wall where I thought it would work best and made sure it was level. You definitely want to either screw these into the studs or use wall anchors.

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Next, it was time to decorate! I filled a clear Ikea vase with some branches from my backyard. The frame on the left is from Target, and the print is Tulips from Jenny’s Print Shop. The middle print and frame are from the Hearth and Hand from Magnolia collection at Target.

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I like how things still look pretty clean, but it adds a little something to this wall.

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All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out! I think it was an inexpensive project that adds impact.

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    Looks great. I love the art!

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