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It has taken a few months, but my half bath is finally finished!

For some reason, deciding on the accessories or decorative touches can take the longest for me amount of time on a project for me. I sometimes struggle to envision what smaller items will look like until it is in the space. Now that it’s finished, I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

Designated Space Doorway Finished Half Bath
Designated Space Sink Finished Half Bath

It’s a tiny room, but the white walls have helped it to feel a little larger. Before, it looked like this:

Designated Space Half Bath Before

Now, it looks much better after adding planked walls, building a sink, a new mirror, light fixtures, and other accessories.

Designated Space Half Bath Finished

The opposite wall used to look like this:

Designated Space Half Bath Before

Now, the wall looks like this:

Designated Space Half Bath Shelf Wall

The shelf I built adds a little something to balance out this side of the room.

Designated Space Half Bath Shelf

I debated putting some baskets or towels on the sink shelf, but since it’s just a half bath, I don’t need storage, and less is more in such a small room.

Designated Space Half Bath Sink Rug Mirror

A fun part of this project was installing a sink! I love learning how to do new things around the house.

Designated Space Half Bath Sink

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Thanks for following along! This has been my favorite project yet.

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  1. Cindy Mendenhall says:

    I love it! You are so talented!!

  2. Christa Malone says:

    You are so talented! This is stunning

  3. Abby Fountain says:

    Love it!!!

  4. Rhonda Wheeler says:

    I agree with Cindy and Christa; It looks amazing!

  5. Jill says:

    Wow amazing you and Peggy need a show on HGTV

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  8. Cortney says:

    Did you build the vanity? If so, what was the stain that you used. I didn’t see that in the post. Thanks in advance.

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  11. Kristina Burrus says:

    Hello, could you please tell me the length of each of your vanity legs?

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