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I have always wanted a fireplace. I adore them. Growing up my home did not have one, none of my apartments have had one, and when I bought this house the slab was already down and they had not installed any gas lines. I’ve led a fireplace-less existence!

BUT… I did not want to let that stop me. Even though a gas fireplace is not an option, I’ve been keeping a close eye on electric fireplaces over the last few years and I’ve seen some that would rival a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

The key is making a fireplace seem like it belongs in the home and has always been there. If you just throw an electric fireplace up on the wall or set it on the floor, it’s probably going to look like it was added later. My plan is to tile around it, build a mantle and then add have built-ins and shelving to the entire wall.

Here’s some fireplace inspiration photos I’ve found:

I’m having trouble deciding between going with a bright, white look or a deep, moody vibe.

What I’m currently working with:

Currently, the wall I’d like to build this on looks like this:

TV and console table

I custom ordered my shelving and console from my Grandma’s furniture store about nine years ago and it has served me well! I’m ready for something different though, so I will be selling or donating this.

TV and Shelving

The wall is around 20 ft long, so this is going to be my largest project I’ve taken on yet. I plan to work in phases.

The first will be the fireplace, mantle and tv install. The second will be the built-ins along the entire wall. The third phase will be building out shelves on top of the built-ins.

living room

My goal is to have a functional fireplace in my home by the end of the year. Lounging on the couch, reading a book with a fire in the background while it snows outside? Yes, please!

For more on my living room plans, check out my living room inspo post.

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