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I’ve always been a little intimidated to tile anything. I love the way tile looks, but it seemed kind of complicated. Tiling the fireplace surround seemed like the perfect project to tile for the first time. Fireplace Progress My fireplace and built-in wall have been quite the process so far! If you’d like to check […]

Every once in a while, I pinch myself that I have a fireplace. Sure, it’s electric, but as I’ve talked about in this post I’ve always dreamed of having a fireplace. You can also read about how I built and framed the fireplace wall in this post. I’ve also always wanted a mantel. This holiday […]

Fireplace Frame TV

I’ve slowly been chipping away at framing out the middle section of my living room built-ins over the last few weeks (emphasis on the slowly). But once I got drywall up, and it’s given me new energy to keep going. As a reminder, here are the original plans of the finished product I’m going for: […]

Designated Space Living Room Built-in Wall

While many people were getting their Christmas trees up and decor out this weekend, I was moving furniture out of the way so I could use painters tape to map out my built-in plans on the wall, true to scale. I’m so glad I did it. Now that I see it on the wall, true […]

One of the very first woodworking projects I built was a simple wooden tray. Through the years, it has proven to be a tried and true favorite of mine. I use them in my own home and they are perfect to give as gifts. They are versatile and can be modified to fit any home […]

Wooden Tray

My fireplace and built-in plans are something I could go back and forth, over and over again making changes. I’ve had a vision in my mind of how this could look for years, and that vision has changed multiple times! Sometimes, you just gotta go with your gut and make a decision in order to […]

Fireplace Built ins

I have always wanted a fireplace. I adore them. Growing up my home did not have one, none of my apartments have had one, and when I bought this house the slab was already down and they had not installed any gas lines. I’ve led a fireplace-less existence! BUT… I did not want to let […]

living room

After nearly ten years in my home, my coat closet was a hard-working yet neglected space. It was filled to the brim with not only shoes and coats, but a variety of other things which had been tossed in over time. It got to the point where you had to shield yourself when opening the […]

As I continue to gradually make changes to my living room, this empty corner was next on the list for a bit of an overhaul. I’ve wanted to DIY a blanket ladder for a while but wanted to be careful about the plans I used and how I styled it. I’ve seen some rooms with […]

I recently made such a minor update on my downstairs doors but had to share because it made such a difference. All the doors in my house had the hardware they were built with. It is the brushed nickel finished that is standard with many of the homes built around the time mine was in […]

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