Designated Space Living Room Built-in Wall

I’ve slowly been chipping away at framing out the middle section of my living room built-ins over the last few weeks (emphasis on the slowly). But once I got drywall up, and it’s given me new energy to keep going. As a reminder, here are the original plans of the finished product I’m going for: […]

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Living Room

True to Scale Built-in Plans

While many people were getting their Christmas trees up and decor out this weekend, I was moving furniture out of the way so I could use painters tape to map out my built-in plans on the wall, true to scale. I’m so glad I did it. Now that I see it on the wall, true […]

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Wooden Tray


A Simple Wooden Tray

One of the very first woodworking projects I built was a simple wooden tray. Through the years, it has proven to be a tried and true favorite of mine. I use them in my own home and they are perfect to give as gifts. They are versatile and can be modified to fit any home […]

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Fireplace Built ins

Living Room

Fireplace and Built-in Plans

My fireplace and built-in plans are something I could go back and forth, over and over again making changes. I’ve had a vision in my mind of how this could look for years, and that vision has changed multiple times! Sometimes, you just gotta go with your gut and make a decision in order to […]

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living room

Living Room

Fireplace Dreaming

I have always wanted a fireplace. I adore them. Growing up my home did not have one, none of my apartments have had one, and when I bought this house the slab was already down and they had not installed any gas lines. I’ve led a fireplace-less existence! BUT… I did not want to let […]

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