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I must love to make a good first impression. The entry was the first area I made over in my last house, and history is repeating itself with this house. The added benefit is that this house is going to be a combined entry and office because you will see the office right when you […]

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Allow me to introduce you to… my new home!

This past fall, I moved into a new home. It wasn’t something I had necessarily planned, but sometimes life presents you with new opportunities. While moving itself was the worst (isn’t it always?!) I’m really happy to be settled in the new location. Some things are similar to my previous home. I’m still in an […]

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Installing a Garden Drip Irrigation System

I’ve had a backyard garden for a few years and try to make some upgrades each year. This summer, I installed a garden irrigation system and it was so inexpensive and easy! Even if you don’t have a backyard garden, but have other outdoor plants around the house that need to be watered regularly, this […]

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Living Room

Built-in Cabinets

Time to check off the box for phase 2 of my built-in project: cabinets! Phase 1 was building the middle section which included framing and building out the wall, adding the electric fireplace, building the mantel, tiling around fireplace and adding the frame TV. Phase 3 will be adding the shelves above the cabinets on […]

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Kitchen Closet Turned Pantry

We’ve all seen them on Pinterest (or in a Kardashian feature story); the cavernous, organized walk-in pantries. Something of this scale wasn’t exactly an option in my standard kitchen. My initial pantry setup consisted of a specific cabinet designated as a pantry space amongst my other cabinets. It was okay, but not ideal. There was […]

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