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It has taken a few months, but my half bath is finally finished! For some reason, deciding on the accessories or decorative touches can take the longest for me amount of time on a project for me. I sometimes struggle to envision what smaller items will look like will look like until it is in […]

I am particularly proud of my latest project, my half bath sink. It is the first project I’ve done without working off of existing plans. I was heavily inspired by this sink from Pottery Barn and just planned it out in my head as I went along. (Affiliate links included below.) I started out building a […]

The biggest remaining project for my half bath is my sink. I plan on designing and creating a base and then installing a sink top and faucet. While I worked on the design of that, I decided to take on a more simple project this week and build a simple shelf over the toilet in […]

It is with great relief that I finally finished putting up the wood panels in my half bath! And not only are they up on the wall, but they are trimmed, spackled, caulked, and painted. Since there were some angled walls and cuts required, I think that’s where I lost momentum in the past. But […]

So far, I’m 0 for 2 on getting my One Room Challenges done on time. Last fall, I eventually finished my dining room, but it was a little late. This spring’s challenge was my garage, which is still a work in progress. So for this next challenge, I decided to go with the smallest room […]

One of the next rooms I’m going to tackle is the smallest room in the house: the downstairs half bath. It is tucked away right off the entry and underneath the staircase, is around 3ft by 7ft, and a lot of that space is to allow room for the door to open. About six years […]

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