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So far, I’m 0 for 2 on getting my One Room Challenges done on time. Last fall, I eventually finished my dining room, but it was a little late. This spring’s challenge was my garage, which is still a work in progress. So for this next challenge, I decided to go with the smallest room […]

I shared on my Instagram post yesterday that my new strategy with home projects is to work on at least something every day, even if it is really minor so that I’m further along than the day before. So often I get caught up with life or work and the next thing I know a […]

I can now put a big check mark next to something on the garage to-do list! I finished building my miter saw bench this weekend. If you don’t do too much woodworking, this project may seem kind of boring. But since I use my miter saw on nearly every project I do, it is a […]

This week was full of new experiences for me as I got started on the garage. Insulation and drywall are definitely not the most glamorous of home projects, but I was excited to learn some new skills. The walls of my garage that do not touch the house were never finished, so I decided that […]

It’s One Room Challenge time once again! The One Room Challenge is a six week event where home designers work to update a space in their home during that timeframe and share weekly updates online. This past fall I updated my dining room for the fall One Room Challenge. I am thrilled with the way […]

As we get ready to start a new year, I thought it would be fun to plan my top home projects for 2018. While I didn’t get everything accomplished this year that I had originally planned, I am proud of what I was able to get done: I finished my dining room, which included building […]

DIY Dining Room Custom Shelves

One of the next rooms I’m going to tackle is the smallest room in the house: the downstairs half bath. It is tucked away right off the entry and underneath the staircase, is around 3ft by 7ft, and a lot of that space is to allow room for the door to open. About six years […]

I’m so excited to have my dining room finished up! My goal was to take the space from bland and sparse to cozy and classic on a budget. I think that was accomplished. Here’s what the room looked like before: Although I did not end up finishing in the six-week time frame due to a […]

My dining table is now finished! This project took a little longer than I had originally anticipated, but I’m glad to wrap it up in time for the home stretch of the One Room Challenge. I was tempted to call this post I’m still not sure about the stain color, but it’s time to move […]

I upgraded my dining room sliding door and curtains and am amazed at the impact of such minor updates. It makes me wonder why I didn’t work on this before now! My curtain and sliding door situation was looking a little blah when I started working on the dining room: But I’m excited to share […]

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